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111 E Arrellaga St

Santa Barbara, CA 93101

(805) 203-0717

About Me

It is incredibly fulfilling for me to witness the change that takes place when my clients make a positive shift in their lives. We all want to love and be loved. Feeling loved is the true essence of life. Love is an instinct that our hearts and minds truly desire. Over the course of our lives, we connect with one another on different levels. These connections change throughout the course of our lives. There are some instances where we connect with a person on the absolute deepest level of our understanding, for a significant period of time. Most of us are unaware of how we view ourselves impacts how we connect with others. A greater understanding of yourself is a key ingredient to having meaningful, deep connections with our loved ones. That is one of the reasons I love working with couples, athletes and individuals. We get to explore our connections, while reconnecting with others to find true joy and happiness.

Jack May

Feeling alone and misunderstood can cause unnecessary pain and suffering. On this journey we call life, we find ourselves “sticking” with our daily routine. Sometimes it can feel like our life is stuck on “repeat”. When we take the time to reconnect in the present moment, while communicating our true feelings and emotions in a safe place.

I became a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist after realizing that I wanted to learn more about myself. I took a Marriage & Family relations course at Cal State University, Northridge in the Family Studies department. The course and professors made a huge impact on my growth. After more positive educational experiences, I then began to dedicate myself to the helping profession and volunteered to help others.

After graduating with an FCS-Families Studies degree, I immediately perused a Master’s degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy at Phillips Graduate Institute. While at Philips Graduate Institute, I successfully completed a specialization in Family Therapy Program and Co-Occurring Dual Diagnosis. I found MY PASSION!

As an MFT Intern, I worked California Family Counseling center in Chatsworth and Neighborhood Counseling Center in Encino and in Westlake Village. I also work with incarcerated teens in the Juvenile Justice System at Camp Miller and Kilpatrick in Malibu. These Juvenile camps are the only camps in the state that offer athletic programs. The movie “Grid Iron Gang” was filmed and written about these particular camps where I served as a therapist.

I’ve been working with couples, athletes and individuals since 2011. I have guest lectured at CSUN in the Family Studies Department on the subject of Ethics in Psychology and multicultural Ethics in Psychology. I am a nationally certified anger management specialist and am currently working as director and facilitator for Anger Management SFV. Anger Management SFV is a LA Superior Court approved anger management program for court appointed clients that are learning how to prevent anger outbursts. At the moment, I am working full-time in my private practice in Encino and Westlake Village.

I am an expert in working with couples and athletes.

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